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Kit abitare consapevolmente

Kit abitare consapevolmente

Access to the “Manual: how to consciously living” by CASA SpA. How to save money on your bills with simple daily behaviour.

Through the “Manual: how to consciously living”, it is the first time that a public company explain how to save money on water, gas and electricity bills, spending almost one thousand euros less per year. It is an initiative addressed to the assignees, but also to the citizen.

Saving between 700 and 1.000 euros per year on bills, keeping an eye on the consumptions and decreasing the environmental impact: this is the goal of the “Manual: how to consciously living”, the first in Italy that explain how to save money on water, gas and electricity bills. The manual has been worked out by Casa Spa, a planning society who manages the public residential buildings legacy in the 33 municipalities of the Florence area, and introduces – with some simple suggestions – awareness and consciousness in the daily behaviour of the citizen, to have a real and touchable saving. The initiative finds its first real application in Italy, because untill now the saving energy topic has been handled by every administrator for their own supply only: water, electricity and gas examinated separately. Casa Spa is the first public company who explains how to obtain concrete results acting comprehensively on the energy consumptions. All this without big effort: you just need to adopt some simple daily behavioral solutions, for example planning the time to use household electrical appliances or the time you use water, electricity and heating. Furthermore in the vademecum there are some practical instuctions for a correct reading of bills and gas/electricity meter and suggestions on how to use at best the household electrical appliances (the heating control valve, the exhaust fan of the kitchen, the fridge, the dishwasher, the washingmachine and the electric iron). These are some little acts that, at the end of the year, let you save between 700 and 1000 euros. The publication will be delivered to the new public residential buildings’ occupants and will be available for all the citizen of the 33 municipalities public residential buildings of the Florence area managed by Casa Spa. Every family will receive a manual, a bottle of tap water, a thermometer to control the house temperature and a key case with a little light bulb powered by a tiny photovoltaic panel. The Casa Spa manual is also available for all the citizen interested, to carry on and extend the saving culture. Today, according to the data processed by Casa Spa, about the 33% of the national energy consumptions is absorbed by houses and the most part of this percentage is used for heating (75% heating, 10% water and 15% electricity). From this point of view, the Casa Spa’s manual acquires a more important role: if the new buildings need a reduced energy amount, the preexisting buildings instead (especially the ones built in the postwar years) need 80% energy more. We talk about 150KW per year per square metre for the postwar buildings instead of 50KW of the new ones. That’s why the publication of the Casa Spa’s manual is really important, not only in economic terms but also in terms of sustainability and environmental respect.

Some little daily behavioral acts will be enough, acts that don’t require investments but goodwill, awareness and consciousness.

Read here: it is possible, for a medium-level family, to save money on water gas and electricity bills, following the suggestions proposed by the manual.

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